Capeless Superwoman | Digital Image

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Each image is a beautifully and uniquely crafted digital image. All digital paper and clip art are 300 DPI.  This is a digital download only. No physical products will be shipped.

Digital image can be used to on YOUR OWN UNIQUE PHYSICAL PRODUCTS:

  • Journal covers
  • Inside pages of journals
  • Planner covers
  • Decorative inside pages of planners
  • Calendars
  • Background for graphics
  • Stationery

Digital Image can also be used to CREATE YOUR OWN UNIQUE:

  • Unique wrapping paper
  • Unique fabric design for a customized outfit, pillows, tablecloth
  • Unique mug designs

The possibilities for using the digital paper is almost endless!

Terms and Conditions:

Image is a digital download. No physical product will be delivered. It is available only with an individual Small Business license.

What you CAN do:

You can opt to use it for personal use only, but this product automatically comes with an individual Small Business Commercial-use license for physical product use.

Up to 500 PHYSICAL products can be sold, like PHYSICAL coloring books, stationery and journals. If using digital image(s) in a non-low content physical publication, ATTRIBUTION IS REQUIRED for this image to: Mocha Lisa Designs, Illustrator, Letitia Perry.

If you are reaching 500 aggregate sales, please contact me at ( for a Master Commercial License, which has several tiers of license agreements from 501 up to 10,000+.

Enjoy using these unique designs to create a product with your special touches added.

What you CANNOT Do:

Cannot use as-is. Each image used MUST BE MODIFIED from the original form by adding your own graphics, words, etc. You know, add your own special sauce!

Cannot assume ownership of any art as your own. 

Cannot copyright or trademark any of Mocha Lisa Designs graphic art, clip art, digital paper or products, as your own.

Cannot give away any of the files, or share as a freebie in any manner, or trade or swap, including on social media platforms such as Facebook.