Welcome to Mocha Lisa Designs!

Here at Mocha Lisa Designs, we celebrate the beauty of all skin, but especially that of mocha skin. All of my life I have always been a writer.  I loved writing in diaries, notebooks and journals.  I was always miffed because as a girl, as a teen, and even as a grown woman, I could never find a planner or journal or notebook that predominately featured images on the covers or inside that looked like me. Sure, I may find the "black friend" images in the background or images of a black girl, but she had white features with brown skin. I was looking for images that featured a girl front and center who looked like me! Short curly hair, dark brown eyes, full lips, flatter nose--you get the picture!

I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, and decided to start making my own planner covers, my own notebook covers, and creating my own stickers. I even create my backgrounds with digital paper too! When everyone who looked like me saw my creations, they wanted one too. I was surprised to find out that it wasn't just me who felt that way!! Everyone I knew was seeking these types of products and images for themselves too!

That finally became "my why." Mocha Lisa Designs was born to fill that void. 

Now you don't have to search all over trying to find something for yourself, your Mom or your daughter. I am sharing the fruits of my labor with you. You don't have to try to create these for yourself, because I have created them for you. for personal use, and designs for the crafter looking for designs with a limited commercial license.

Bookmark us--I have created printables: stationery sets, coloring pages, journal covers, but everything is not uploaded as of yet.  We are still under construction, still loading new art, new digital paper, uploading new planner covers and developing more products for you, so check back often! We will even begin accepting very limited commissions soon, so watch for these notifications as well.

Don't forget to join our email list and SMS notifications to get notified of newly listed items, and especially of the copyrighted and exclusive releases!

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